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The majority of schools face budget cuts, government agendas and increasing demands on pupil performance from governors, parents and local governing bodies. Footy Fun 4 Kids have developed a way of relieving these constant pressures. 

Footy Fun 4 Kids are first class sports and physical activity educators. We offer tailored PE, sport and physical activity provision across London so that you can get exactly what you need for your pupils from just £20 per hour!


Planning and implementation

Footy Fun 4 Kids are able to take control of planning, assessment and implementation of all games sessions to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum. We will also ensure that the children have a safe, fun and enjoyable experience during their games/physical education sessions.

Assessment and evaluation

Footy Fun 4 Kids can assist in writing progress reports for each child in relation to their games/physical education. Footy Fun 4 Kids will adhere to school policies regarding behaviour, discipline and reward systems.


Footy Fun 4 Kids will ensure that all children are actively engaged with sport through a variety of techniques. Footy Fun 4 Kids believes in a ‘Sport for All’ ethos and with the correct guidance and support our educators will aim to increase the sporting ability of each child.

Footy Fun 4 Kids also provide Extra Curriculum Activities for Year R through to Year 6 to further develop sporting ability throughout the school, this can be managed through the school as a funding source or can be managed by Footy Fun 4 Kids.

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